Our Partners

AdFlex has great traffic all over the world, especially for the Asia countries. They are keen in VN market, with high quality traffic for both incentive and non-incentive.

  • Summer
    CEO - Founder
I love Adflex so much! I think and I feel Adflex is the Best CPA Network in Vietnam, have huge ton quality traffic with low payout! There is no doubt that Adflex can be one of the biggest ad networks in the world one day!
  • Lion Wang
When it comes to AdFlex, it comes to such a professional and trustworthy platform that VTC can be confident about our close partnership, even in the far future.

  • Hoa Nguyên
    Director of Marketing
AdFlex is a great partner of AppsFlyer. It is great to see all of the work you are doing with our mutual advertising helping them to gain more users to their apps. We are integrated wit AdFlex for a very long time and very proud to have you among our integrated partners. I would be happy to keep up the great relations we have and make sure advertisers understand the value of AdFlex and AppsFlyer in the market.
  • Alon Chicorel
    Partner Development - APAC, Appsflyer
AdFlex supplies us quality traffic in good volume in CPI business. AdFlex has obviously brought us quality users and more revenue. AdFlex's customer service is friendly, dedicated, on time support, talking initiative to expand our mutual activity and business. We will launch more campaigns in other GEOs while improving our results in existing GEOs.

  • Ivan
    AM, Marvelnet
AdFlex has always been Pocket Games's choice when launching game mobiles in Vietnam. Adflex has quality and stable traffic with excellent customer services. We hope that we can cooperate in the far furture.

  • Binh Nguyen
    Marketing Executive, Pocket Games