Our Team

Dang Cong Nguyen
Pham Hoang Hung
  • Chairman

    "A business without creating money is totally failed. A business that creates only money is a poor business."

  • Chief Executive Officer - ViMarket

    "In Eway, you all can still be yourself while trying your best, fighting your good fight."

  • Chief Operations Officer

    "Success comes from the mission of helping entrepreneurs' growth in their business and commerce. Eway is a promising destination for talented people!"

  • Chief Technology Officer

    "A technical expert will always start with question "why", not question "how"."

  • Chief Executive Officer - DYNO

About Us

Established in 2009, Eway is a top-notch technology company with the passion for an ultimate Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem. With the pioneering and innovating spirit, our company work hard to provide the most effective Affiliate solutions. So far, Eway has built an enormous community of active publishers and advertisers worldwide, especially in the Asian e-Commerce market.

Our belief is focusing on the cutting-edge technology to take the lead and be the first, based on a stable and professional infrastructure, service and support. Eway also put effort on growth hacking to predict and define the trends and upcoming demands of the industry to support our partner for the long term benefits. Kindly note that, when you choose to go with Eway, we do care about your long term journey to success.


1. Assisting and providing values to EWAY customers include: Advertisers, Merchants and Traffic Owners based on marketing platform and distribution platform based on big data technology.

2. Supporting small and medium-sized companies in Vietnam and other regions develop their business and particularly stimulate cross border trade.

3. EWAY does not follow the idea of Build to Sell but Build to Last. We determine to build a immortal sustainable company.

Our Mission

We assist entrepeneurs in growing their business and commerce better.

Our Value

1. Happiness - Building an environment in order to create happiness for all Ewayers

2. Growth Hack - Always looking for combination between Marketing thinking, Business and Technology to create new breakthrough solutions.

3. Mass Tech - EWAY commits to exploit only in Mass Technology. As such we builds products and services which are capable of serving millions customers